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Kratec has been in the professional search business for over 20 years. Our business is recruiting. Searching for top-notch talent is difficult and time-consuming. We have the resources and trained personnel to locate qualified people and present your opportunity to them in the most professional manner. Kratec conducts an intensive, carefully targeted recruiting effort, we are able to produce quality candidates quickly. Because of our recruiting skills, we are able to gain access to top talent and to maintain confidentiality until mutual interest is established. Our efforts allow you to focus on the day-to-day operation of your business, while we concentrate on the time consuming task of finding the best-qualified candidates. Kratec also does contracting and Employer of Record services.

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Kratec has a strong CTO/Financial, Individual (Candidate) 2/2015
He created a technology platform, mortgage backed securities performance and surveillance information. Combined robust performance data with latest cutting edge technology and enhanced analytics to create a powerful industry tool. The tool allows market participants to monitor loan performance on their current portfolio while assisting them in identifying other buy/sell opportunities. * Developed a 10-person team which monitors and reviews existing risk exposures, recommends trades, and assists with the operations, accounting and other risk groups in their roles with respect to the portfolio. The team works both on short- and long-term projects depending on the asset class, strategy, and geographical region. * Established 16-person analytics team to implement mathematical and statistical models, and develop numerical algorithms for the pricing of financial instruments and model calibration. The team established solutions to identified risk, real time trading, and in spreadsheets supporting trading activity. Scala and C++ libraries were used with an emphasis on design patterns, algorithms & data structures, and functional programming. * Identified intrinsic value and risk on a security and portfolio level; formulated and manage sector investment thesis and strategy yielded the 2M in new revenue. * Maintained accurate analytics, modeling and valuation of securities that lead to increased market intelligence by 40%. Worked with risk, portfolio and accounting groups to ensure accurate portfolio information by 30%. * Worked with members throughout treasury to employ relevant expertise. Collaborated in preparing timely and accurate risk management and investment related reports for shareholders. * Created a cash flow modeling expertise, while also supporting the secondary trading functions in the Asset Backed Securities (ABS) and Mortgage Backed Securities (MBS). Applied Reverse engineering on existing deals based on legal documents and investor reports. Developed a pricing model based on available information to help identify the risk and reward characteristics of these products. * He has a Bachelor of Science in Electrical Engineering & Computer science and a Master of Business Administration. If you would like to get additional information on this person, please call or email so we can talk in more detail. Sincerely Bill

Location: Will relocate